Optical Brinell Video Measurement System/Brinell Hardness Tester Scope

Model No. PHT-5000


  • Friendly User Interface
  • High reliability
  • Single Camera with four magnifications


  • Friendly User Interface: Automatic Brinell hardness measurement with a key stroke or a click of a button. Test results can be manually generated or corrected with a single mouse drag move
  • High reliability: Advanced image processing and analysis technologies in automatic measurement. Field proven under severe sample surface conditions;
  • Ultra-High Resolution: 0.0001″
  • Single camera with four magnifications:
    1.3M pixel CMOS USB camera with two camera tubes with each tube height having two magnifications. Full Brinell hardness measurement range is covered with four magnifications for better Brinell hardness measurement accuracy. Specifically, tube 1 magnification #1 is suitable for indentation diameters 3-6mm, magnification #2 for 0.8-1.6mm, while tube 2 magnification #3 for 2-4mm, and magnification #4 for 1-2mm

Model No. PHT-5000 Optical Brinell Hardness Video Measurement System

Includes the basic functions of an imaging system such as image capture, camera calibration, image processing, geometric measurement, document labeling, and album management; automatically or manually measures the indentation diameter and calculates the Brinell hardness (HB) value; HB2 (DIN 1605 standard) automatic measurement:

Automatically or manually measures the indentation diameters on the calibration sample and the test sample, and automatically interpolates the Brinell hardness (HB) value for the test sample; Converts Brinell (HB) to other hardness scales. Validates the test results with sample dimensions; automatically updates the statistical values such as average, min and max, standard deviation,Cp and Cpk;

Auto-alarm: Automatically marks the out of spec measurements; Test report: Automatically generates customizable WORD or EXCEL report.