Mapp Policy

PHASE II Instrument Division Minimum Advertising Price Policy

This Phase II policy applies to all Phase II product groups within the material testing instrument division, including but not limited to, hardness testers, durometers, ultrasonic thickness gauges, surface roughness testers, coating thickness gauges, vibration meters, and force gauges, along with all accessories pertaining to such products.

This policy in no way determines the price of the product sold by the distributor. The final price of any given sale by the distributor will be up to the discretion of said distributor. Phase II believes in fair market principles. This policy is designed to induce fairness and prevent price based marketing. This will strengthen our products in the marketplace, allowing distributors to profit accordingly.

Exceptions may be made for certain clearance only items. Phase II will notify all at that time, those items may be exempted from the MAPP policy.

At no point shall a Phase II product be advertised or promoted at a discount surpassing 10% off the current list price, provided by Phase II. This policy includes any click through promotion, shopping cart promos or other such devices.

An advertised price is any price shown on a website, third party website, commerce site or search engine, and includes any printed materials. In short, any/all media formats, digital or printed form.

Phase II expects the spirit of this policy to reign. It is not acceptable for a distributor to circumvent policy by removing a part/accessory of a given item to differentiate it from the standard product. Nor is it acceptable to change stock numbers or model numbers for a similar reason.

Phase II reserves the right to address and act on any deemed offense by a distributor. This will certainly incur a warning, but may also include changing discounts, stopping shipments and the refusal to accept orders.

Phase II also reserves the right to change pricing at any time, as well as the terms and conditions of this policy. This policy will go into effect Jan. 1, 2018.