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Force Gauges


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Phase II force gauges can be used in all types of tension and compression force testing applications. All force gauges are able to capture the peak force in both tension and compression and have both inch/metric units of measurement on dial face. Force gauge capacities are available from 2lbs to 100lbs. Phase II force gauges may be handheld or used with a force test stand and gripping fixtures for greater versatility.

Force gauges are measuring instruments that are used to quantify the magnitude of the force applied to an object during test or operation. Force gauges are used in a wide variety of industries and applications, most typically in research and development, production operations, or for test and quality control purposes. A common use of force gauges is to perform push or pull tests. For this reason, force gauges are also known as push pull force gauges or tension and compression force gauges.

Force gauges come in a variety of capacities and resolutions.

Force gauges that apply and indicate force are in general use in many industries. Practices have been written to provide a blueprint for the force verification of these force gauges. A necessary element is the use of devices whose force characteristics are known to be traceable to national standards. ASTM describes how these force gauges are to be calibrated. The procedures are useful to users of force gauges, manufacturers and providers of force measuring instruments, calibration laboratories that provide the calibration of the instruments and the documents of traceability, and service organizations that use the force gauges to verify testing machines.



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