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June 2016: Another active year of product additions and upgrades from Phase II’s material testing division

The Phase II hardness tester group has added a new portable hardness tester to the mix. The PHT-2100 portable hardness tester comes with a RUGGED Aluminum body, perfect for tough environs. A fully featured portable hardness tester, the 2100 uses the same interface framework as our PHT-1800 portable hardness tester. Stay tuned these next few months for a real overhaul of our portable hardness tester offering. This will be sure to raise the technology bar quite a bit for portable hardness tester. The Bench hardness tester have seen numerous additions these past few months. The 900-364 digital Rockwell hardness tester has been introduced at a very competitive price point, to a smashing success. So has its sister model, 900-347, a superficial Rockwell hardness tester. We are soon to introduce the 900-363 touch-screen Rockwell hardness tester, with an ergonomic body design, which has a great, easy to use interface, and will also be priced right. A large twin Rockwell/superficial Rockwell hardness tester has been added with greater height in the 900-386 portable hardness tester. It is the same design as the 900-385 dolphin nose Rockwell hardness tester. The micro Vickers hardness testers have seen a number of advancements. A new Motorized X/Y table is available to adapt on all of our micro Vickers hardness testers. The 900-392 series micro Vickers hardness testers have been added, which includes dual penetrator systems so no swap is needed when changing from micro Vickers hardness testers to Knoop hardness tests. Both penetrators are mounted in the auto turret. Further micro Vickers hardness testers models are due to come out in mid 2016, so keep an eye out.

Surface roughness testers has now seen the srg-4600 Surface roughness tester finally take over for the old srg-4500 series. The new Surface roughness tester is by far more advanced, a newly designed stylus, Bluetooth auto start, USB output, and a new ergonomic design.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges have not escaped our attention. Phase II is soon introducing the new model, UTG-2850 Ultrasonic thickness gauge, which is modeled after the UTG-2800, but includes an Aluminum body for tough applications and environs. This Ultrasonic thickness gauge will have the same interface as our popular 2800 Ultrasonic thickness gauge series, along with usb output, cable and software, all standard

Coating thickness gauges have two new entries to freshen up this product group. The PTG-4000 coating thickness gauge comes with large color screen and statistics, while the PTG-4200 coating thickness gauge is an economy version color screen unit. Both coating thickness gauge models utilize auto-detect probes to determine if substrate is ferrous or non-ferrous. competitively priced

Phase II will be working hard throughout these next few months to bring you more innovative product and instrumentation. Finally, don’t forget to check out our instructional videos and subscribe to our YOUTUBE page, so you don’t miss any


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