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PHASE II SPECIALIZES IN PROVIDING GLOBAL OUTSOURCING-CONTRACT MANUFACTURING FOR ALL TYPES OF PROJECTS. We have over 25 years of experience and expertise needed to get your product sourced, produced, and shipped according to your exact specifications.

PHASE II has two state of the art offices in China, with contacts in the best factories, many of which are ISO 9000/9001 certified. There are no limits to the type of products we can produce regardless of material, specifications or tolerances.

Our experienced staff will assist you through every step of your order.

Phase II global outsourcing-contract manufacturing guarantees that your product will be manufactured to the highest degree of quality and shipped according to schedule.

Phase II global outsourcing-contract manufacturing has produced numerous specialty products for manufacturers of all types. Some recent industries we have produced for are: Automotive, Machine Tools, Hardware, Optical, Instrumentation, and Mold-Making, etc.


Market Position
There are many reasons why you should offshore outsource your products, but the most compelling is "to stay competitive", while maintaining a world-class level of quality. YOUR POSITION in the marketplace will not only be strengthened, but you will have additional resources to stay ahead of your competition. Today more than ever, companies are importing products directly from Asia. PHASE II has been doing business in Asia for over 25 years and has the extensive experience and excellent working relationship with the best contract manufacturers in Asia.

Extensive Setup Costs
To arrange a separate production line for new items or design, you will drain your valuable time and resources. PHASE II has the ability to save you those costs and still produce a quality product at 50- 80% off standard retail prices.

Technological Advantages
In many cases, our factories are affiliated with some of the leading engineering universities in Asia. This enables them to tap not only into a highly skilled and professional talent pool, but also entitles them access to the latest advances in technology, such as automation, hardware and software.

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