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Model No. 900-331
Standard Rockwell tester

  1. Loosen 4-nuts on bottom of crate. Lift the crate off of the platform being careful not to scratch side of tester.
  2. Remove the tool kit from the platform.
  3. Remove plastic dust cover
  4. Remove string holding handles and top cover
  5. Remove 2-phillips head screws from front of face above the dial; remove 1-phillips head screw from back of top cover.   Lift top cover straight up.
  6. Remove rubber band holding indicator lever and discard
  7. Remove back cover by removing 2-phillip head screws from top/bottom
  8. Carefully remove strings that are holding the weight bar to the loading arm
  9. Remove the weight bar from the loading arm by lifting the hook of the bar from the loop on the arm.
  10. Remove the 2-nuts at the bottom of the bar.
  11. Open test kit and remove the 3 weights. Clean any oil/grease from weights
  12. Take the round weight marked “A” and slide up the bottom of the weight bar and proceed to put on both nuts.
  13. Carefully place weight bar back in loop of loading arm with the hook facing the front of the machine.
  14. Place weight “B” and place on the middle section of the weight bar keeping the flat part to the rear of the machine. Place weight “C” on the top part of the weight bar/flat to rear.
  15. Install rear cover with 2-screws
  16. Install top cover (place straight down) with 2-screws on the front face and 1-screw on the rear part of the top cover.
  17. Lower rotary handle and remove black plastic shaft protector. Save this piece for safety.
  18. Choose applicable work table and clean off grease. Install on machine.
  19. Remove diamond penetrator from case and install in penetrator shaft making sure the flat of the penetrator is facing the set screw. Be sure penetrator contacts the bottom of shaft flush. Do not overtighten!
  20. Remove all C-scale test blocks from test kit and clean off oil/grease.
  21. Place 1-block on the anvil(test table) and rotate handle until the block just makes contact with the penetrator. Begin to turn the rotary handle 3 times around and landing on the “0” at TDC.
  22. Push black handle towards the rear of the machine. At this time, the tester is putting the load on the test block. When the dial stops moving, you need to pull the black handle towards the front of the machine. At this time you take the reading from the dial. Repeat a minimum of 5 times to achieve an accurate average.
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